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Will Special Event Insurance Cover My Event?


Hosting an event such as a wedding can be a costly undertaking. Special event insurance is designed to protect your investment. It can help cover your costs in case you need to cancel unexpectedly (if the bride or groom gets cold feet, for example). It can also help protect you from liability for injury or property damage caused during your event.

When Do You Need Special Event Insurance?

You may need special event insurance for any personal or professional event you are hosting that represents a substantial investment or exposes you to liability. Examples of types of events that may be eligible for special event coverage include:

  • Weddings
  • Anniversary parties
  • Baby showers
  • Graduation parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Quinceaneras (girl’s 15th birthday)
  • Religious celebrations

Can You Get Special Event Insurance For Any Event?

Public events, such as sporting events and dance recitals, typically are not eligible for special event coverage. Neither are bachelor and bachelorette parties. If you are hosting a fundraiser or a company party, you may or may not be able to get special event coverage. Our friendly agent will be happy to advise you of your insurance coverage options for an upcoming event you are planning.

What Exactly Does Special Event Insurance Cover?

Special event insurance policies provide different types of coverage. The two main types are event cancellation and liability coverage.

Event Cancellation Coverage

This insurance can help reimburse you for money lost on deposits or other fees if your event has to be cancelled or delayed. It can also help offset costs when others cancel on you. For example, if the wedding photographer you have chosen suddenly closes shop and disappears, your event cancellation insurance should cover your lost deposit, plus the unexpected expenses associated with having to book another photographer at the last minute. If the groom comes down with the flu and the wedding has to be postponed, this coverage can help defray the costs associated with rescheduling the venue, caterer, and other vendors.

Event Liability Coverage

Liability coverage can help protect you from liability in case of injury or property damage that occurs during your event. If the caterers you hired start a fire at the event, your event liability insurance can help pay to repair damage to the building.

If a wedding guest gets a bit wild on the dance floor and knocks another guest down, this insurance may help cover any resulting medical bills. Be aware that event liability insurance may not cover damage to equipment rented from a third-party that is not associated with the event venue.

Other Types Of Special Event Insurance Coverage

If you are serving liquor at your event, you may need liquor liability insurance to cover anything related to the bartenders and alcohol served at the event, including damage an intoxicated guest might cause on the way home. If you are hiring people to work at your event, you may need workers’ compensation insurance in case a worker is injured. Our knowledgeable agent is happy to discuss the special event insurance coverage you will need and help you find the best available rates.

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